People are very intrigued by my clothing brand name, and always ask what it means and I wanted to explain in in the best way I could. The letters VIXAY are the last five letters of my last name, I have twelve in total. I always loved my last name and it always felt special to me because nobody could ever pronounce it properly or spell it correctly. For the record it’s pronounced Chanthavixay  (JUHN-TAH-VEE-SIGH).

I did not name my clothing brand after myself or my family because I wanted my name out there in the public, but because I do think it is very unique, and instead of using my whole name I only used part of it, in which it resembles what my brand is actually about. My last name doesn’t mean anything- not that I know of anyway, but taking the last five letters from my last name and making it into a name for itself, represents what I’m doing as a person in my family. I took what my family has given me all my life and did what they wanted, but I know I wouldn’t be able to grow if I stayed and did what my parents felt was right or safe. I decided to take a risk and metaphorically “Break Away”. 

 I genuinely believe a person will not be able to reach a goal of theirs unless they decide to make room for it, even if that means removing people, or leaving a place, a breaking a habit, or just doing something different, than what they’ve seen or done their entire lives. People get invested in worthless people and the past and they don’t realize how much of a negative impact it is on them. Success really does start with just a mindset but if you hold on to all this negativity you will never get there, and that’s the cold truth.

That is what I’m doing with my life I broke away from my parents goals in life for me, and created my own. That is what the VIXAY brand represents in order to be successful you must Break Away from that lame excuse that is holding you back, whether it is a person, place, or mindset. 

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