How it began

How it began

The Vixay brand was created on October, 17, 2018. The brand was created by myself; Angela Chanthavixay. I always hated when people talked about what they’re going to do “one day” and never took action upon it and so I chose to make a dream of mine into a reality, not tomorrow, but on that day I decided that’s what I wanted. I’ve always wanted to work with clothes and have a business of my own. That’s how my brand got started, I sat down sketched a few ideas, and did some research. I messaged a few popular people on Twitter that I was following, because they had a clothing brand themselves, luckily they replied and gave me some useful information to get started. 

When I began to look for a website to open my clothing brand on I couldn’t afford the monthly payments. Instead I used a website that was setup to donate a portion of your profit to an organization. I used that website for awhile to make some money to and see what it was like having people buy a product I designed. I eventually moved to Shopify, that is where my my website and clothing brand felt like it was coming to life, and that this is really happening. It was so exciting for me, but it was a major headache, I watched YouTube videos and setup my store and thought everything was perfect and sales would roll in immediately like those YouTube videos said- wrong. My website was not setup properly.

The YouTube videos about setting up a Shopify store are very informative, but it wasn’t something I wanted to listen to, I didn’t want an explanation to why I had set this part of the website up a certain way and why this had to be a certain way, and that is most likely the reason why it so long for my store to be officially open. Everything in my store was wrong, I didn’t even have real products, or how I would receive payments setup. I didn’t realize that until I tested my store out myself and ordered a few products in January. The order said it would take 4-7 buisness days, and so almost two weeks went by until I emailed the SPOD and printful companies to see where my order was. When they replied to my email I found out that the products I ordered couldn’t be created until my payment was verified, because I never setup my payment plans, and so after I fixed that part of my website I assumed my order would begin to be processed, and so I waited a few days. The next few days my order was still not confirmed and I emailed them again to find out another issue, and that I didn’t accidentally chose my order to be held in a storage unit, an once I got everything cleared up I finally had my order being processed, and made sure all future orders were being made immediately. I actually did get my order in the 2-7 days as promised and they were exactly how I designed them.

Through trial and error I did finally get my store setup and with the help of a lot of eccomerce videos I got a lot of tips and useful information for my store, My store is still growing and I am still using Facebook ads and Shopify videos to make my store better everyday. The fact that I am creating a brand versus drop shipping and haven’t made thousands of dollars in a day like the you tubers promised is because I am trying to make name for myself, instead of just money for something I enjoy doing. I hope you enjoyed reading about my journey and take the time to check out the rest of my store, and maybe even open up your own store.


Thank You

- Angela Chanthavixay 



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